Copper Brazilian Cowhide

$ 328.00

8' x 7'

Brazilian Cowhide Rug

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Care Instructions:

The most durable rug you can buy! Any spills, wine, cat or dog potty...just use dawn soap and water til the water is clean and clear. No odors, no stains! If you need to vacuum, use a small handheld vacuum. Pull towards you in the direction of the hair and lift then extend your arm out to place in another area then vacuum and pull towards yourself and the direction of the hair. A hide has a back line in the middle, do one right or left side first at an angle then move to the next side. Hides can also be sweep!

You can even take them outside and use a hose and air dry!

Any wrinkles or creases will eventually fall out when laying flat on a surface. If you have any sides curl, just wet the back side of the hide with a spray bottle or damp cloth. Then lay heavy books or something with weight on top overnight to flatten it back out.

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